Red Lodge, Montana

Ad Rates & Sizes

Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Local Rag! If you have any questions, or you just want to get started and book that ad, please call or text Terri at 406-446-8550 or email her: Terri (at)!

Special placement (back page, inside front or back…) is available, but it’s first come, first served. If you want a special spot, get in touch with us for details. We do not put advertising on the front cover.

Ad size icon-Business CardBusiness Card

A real business card is 2″ x 3.5″. Our business card ad is bigger because we know you need just a little bit more space to express yourself!
2″ High x 3.89″ Wide
$50 Black & White
$75 Color

Ad size icon-Small SquareSmall Square

Double the size of a business card ad, but we like to think it’s more than double the effectiveness!
4″ High x 3.89″ Wide
$100 Black & White
$150 Color

Ad size icon-Large SquareLarge Square

Bigger than a quarter-page ad, but not actually square. Go for it. Be a rebel!
5.5″ High x 5.93″ Wide
$200 Black & White
$300 Color

Ad size icon-TowerTower

This tall narrow format is great for grabbing people’s eyes as they flip through the paper. We always put it on the outside edge, never tucked in the fold.
11.25″ High x 3″ Wide
$200 Black & White
$300 Color

Ad size icon-Half PageHalf Page

Here’s where you can spread out and make something really eye-catching, especially in color. Plenty of room for a striking graphic along with the text
5.5″ High x 10″ Wide
$260 Black & White
$390 Color

Full PageFull Page

Make a statement! Take a full page of the Local Rag and make sure nobody will miss your message.
11.25″ High x 10″ Wide
$400 Black & White
$600 Color