Red Lodge, Montana

Ad Tech Specs


Please see our “Ad Rates & Sizes” page for exact sizes.


  • This is the Local Rag. Have fun with the design. Our readers like the funny, funky, offbeat stuff!
  • Use a minimum of 200dpi resolution. 300dpi is preferred.
  • If your ad has a white or very light-colored background and no border, we may add a plain black border to separate your ad from the surrounding content.


  • We prefer ads in TIFF or PSD format, but can accept PDF if the resolution is adequate.
  • Please convert all text to raster or vector format in case we don’t have the same fonts you used.
  • If you must send an ad in a “lossy” format with compression, such as JPEG, please set it to maximum quality.
    Please do not send GIF or PUB files.


  • Black and white ads can be set to either 8-bit or 16-bit grayscale.
  • Color ads must be in CMYK color format. We cannot guarantee that RGB or Lab colors will convert correctly. We also do not run spot color, so Pantone (PMS) colors will need to be converted to CMYK as well.


  • You can email your final copy to Gary (at)
  • If you have a very large file, talk to Terri or Gary about using DropBox, CD, or thumb drive for delivering the artwork.


  • Unless you specify otherwise, proofs will be delivered as low-resolution JPEG files.