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Denim: The new crisp white shirt

Sass and Class

Ladies, there is a trend that has literally made my heart all a-flutter! It’s the great denim snap-front shirt! Allow me just a moment to tell you how timeless a great denim shirt can be.

Denim snapfront shirtThey can be worn snapped up the front with a great pair of jeans, boots, and jewelry. They can be used as a cover up or a jacket and you can sport a fun lacy cami, V-neck, or crew neck shirt underneath. You can dress them up with a Concho belt, skirt, and heels. Or you can dress them down with jeans or shorts.

It seems that finally the fashion gurus have heard our pleas and wishes to make the denim shirt a steadfast piece in our wardrobe! From Tasha Polizzi, Double D Ranchwear, Ralph Lauren, and many others, we are seeing a fabulous bevy of denim shirts sure to make a girl go weak in the knees.

There are so many options and styles available in denim. Many have the reversible cuffs that show a blanket pattern or flower print. There are great printed denim shirts that are able to not only be classic denim, but paired with subtle tribal prints on them! If that isn’t enough to make your heart swoon then there is the fun distressed wash that they are doing that can even give our more rocker chicks an option for their wardrobes!

You are also able to sport a great denim shirt with a leather jacket, or a crisp blazer. The options are endless, and as the stigma against denim abates, you are starting to see these shirts not only on the ranch, but in the office! Remember with any great trend there are do’s and don’t’s:

Do match a crisp fitted denim shirt with a skirt and boots. Don’t think that all denim shirts are equal –there is a difference between a classic snap-front, fitted denim shirt and a be-dazzled shirt that is being worn on Gypsy Sisters on TLC! Distressed denim shirts are great for nights out, BBQs, and vacation. But alas, an acid washed denim shirt is NOT!

The 80’s are over, ladies. We don’t want to have the hair make a come back, so why would we bring the acid washed denim back? Lord knows our ozone layer can’t take another Aqua Net uprising!

So with autumn just around the corner, look into matching your denim shirts with any of the gamut of options! Whether you want to match it with a great wrap, scarf, jeans, riding boots, or even a fantastic maxi skirt, just know you are going to love the way you look and feel!

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