Red Lodge, Montana

Double amputee veteran parachutes flag into Iron Horse Rodeo

The 2014 Beartooth Rally closed today with the Iron Horse Rodeo. The festivities began with grand style and deep meaning, as Sergeant 1st Class Dana Bowman (retired) parachuted into the rodeo grounds carrying a giant American flag. The parachute jump was to honor all of the veterans present at the event, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice and never made it home.

Bowman was a member of the U.S. Army’s “Golden Knights” parachute team, and lost both of his legs in an accident in 1994 that also cost the life of his partner, Sgt. Jose Aguillon. Bowman was fitted with prosthetic legs, one above the knee and one below. A mere nine months after the accident, he became the first double amputee to re-enlist, and he’s been skydiving again ever since.

Bowman at Iron Horse Rodeo

Bowman walks away from the parachute toward the giant flag he brought in. After the flag was properly folded, he talked about the meaning of his service, and dedicated the event to fallen U.S. soldiers.


Giant Flag at Iron Horse Rodeo

Volunteers and arena workers holding the flag that Bowman parachuted in.


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