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Fashion Protocol for the Season’s Festivities

Sass and Class

Tis the Season to celebrate and if you are like many of us there seems to be more and more parties to go to every year! So what does a girl do? I mean there is always that “One Party” that we all lament over going to. You know the one where no matter what you wear you often feel like Cinderella going to the ball in rags. But who can afford a new ensemble for every party?

Audrey Hepburn in black dressHere is the Cheap and Sassy and Always Classy Girl’s Guide to how we navigate our way through another Holiday Season, and guess what? You are going to look fabulous!

  1. Settle on one – yes, you heard me correctly – one dress. This is a dress that is basic in the cut, but flattering for your shape! So rather than breaking the bank and trying to go and shop for 2 or 3 separate dresses trust me! My favorite is the classic Audrey Hepburn black dress, not too tight, no street walker amount of cleavage, and a length that hits you right at the middle of your calves, or longer. If you want color go for red or green if you are feeling that festive. I often choose a basic color for the ability to make accessorizing easier.
  2. Get yourself the appropriate undergarments. We all have undesirable areas and it is just beneficial to your self-esteem to make sure that you are put together in the dress with your Spanx. Believe me, you will love the confidence that you gain when all your trouble spots are under wraps!
  3. I now want you to focus on the accessories. Like I said, if you get a basic dress you are going to be able to add a shawl, a silk scarf, and even a fun jacket to help change this dress up! If you went for color then accessorize using appropriately-colored accessories so that you are not looking like a Christmas tree. This is not an ugly sweater party so let’s make sure we leave the tinsel and the sequins out of it. And the cigarette holder in the picture is strictly optional!
  4. Remember to use a great light and glowy makeup and a fun shade of lipstick to pull the look all together. I often love to have just a bit of mascara, and light glowing blush, with some fabulous lipstick. I find that it looks the best, and to be honest I like to complete the look with lipstick. It’s my final touch for all my nights out.
  5. Jewelry should be classy and subtle. If you are pairing the dress with a great jacket, go for a simple pair of earrings and pearls. If you are wearing a scarf, go for simple earrings and maybe a bracelet. Please avoid Santa, trees, and any other symbol of Christmas jewelry. Not that I am a Grinch, but do you really want to be at the big dinner and have blinky lights around your neck?

Now that you are armed with the tips and tricks of rocking this Holiday Party Season, remember a few other little tricks to getting through those crazy holiday party nights.

  • Always bring your shoes with you in your purse. We live in Montana, and we have that stuff called snow. There is no need to be breaking your neck walking in heels on ice!
  • Just Smile! There are always going to be those events that we dread, but make sure you are there and having a great time.
  • Have fun but let’s avoid Cousin Eddie antics at all costs. I get that it’s a party, but remember if you are doing cocktails to keep it classy and don’t go crazy. I mean do you really want a slew of selfies with the boss proclaiming terrible drunk affirmations?
  • Final, and most important. Leave your phone in your purse. Please do not be one of those people who are so worried about the constant media updating that you miss the company and experience just because you had your nose in your phone the whole night.

Have a Spectacular Holiday Season!

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