Red Lodge, Montana

Introducing Baba Ram Baba

Greetings, my children. It has been a long and arduous (albeit peaceful and enlightening) journey that has brought me to the Beartooth Mountains in the middle of winter. I came because I felt a disturbance in the force–something I have not felt in eight years drawing me to my home. Something is changing here. A positive energy is flowing over this peaceful corner of Montana that we call our home. I have felt it as surely as I have felt the wind caressing my face as I come out of the cave near Hellroaring Plateau where I now dwell.

Baba Ram Baba, the Beartooth Guru

We are all on a journey to know who we really are, my children. I feel that the purpose of my journey is to help you on yours. We must all take our opportunity to live in an atmosphere of hope and love. Thus shall we best progress on our human journey. The fear and hate of our past leads to the dark side, and we must let it go.

There are many ways up the mountain and no path is more virtuous than another. All travel on different paths, at different times, and with different intentions. We all live as if there is some destination. The destination is simply our own being. We are no different from one another but it gives us security to think so. All things are the same, made of mostly the same nothingness. On the finest level there can be seen no difference between each of us. The separations we give ourselves are an illusion. Our most precious ideals we hold onto as truth are an illusion.

My children, we are here to create our life. What we create is not fixed or predetermined. All was not created in six days, for creation happens every moment. This moment, this moment, and this moment. Each creation begins as an intention and manifests into reality. Whom among us has not intended an event, only to have it manifest itself?

A mysterious manifestation

On my way to find my cave, I ran into a young man that was disturbed about something. He was coming down from a different mountain than I was heading up. He desired something which I did not know. He called it “powder,” and he wished more of it to “rip” through.

I asked him to explain this concept to me. I watched the serenity come to his face as he rolled his eyes skyward and described a most wonderful and holy feeling of freedom and happiness. True enlightenment and spiritual ecstasy came to him through righteous ripping in knee-deep powder. Clearly, he was one with his journey and his goals were clear in his mind. I blessed him and sent him on his way.

I awoke the next morning and left my cave to find a serene blanket of light, fluffy snow on the ground outside. As I stood knee-deep in it, I realized that this was, indeed, a manifestation of the very “powder” of which the young man had spoken.

Perhaps it was he who manifested that morning’s powder; perhaps it was the many others who came down from the same mountain.

“This is a fine manifestation,” I thought to myself, “no matter who created it.”

Let me be your guide

Please, write to me. Ask me your questions. Allow me to guide you along your path up the mountain of enlightenment. Whether you ask me of love, of peace, of righteous ripping, or the simple joy of a craft-brewed, late-hopped ale, I shall answer as best I can, here in the sacred pages of the Local Rag.

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