Red Lodge, Montana

Red Lodge: A Community of Heroes

During the poker run on Saturday, July 19, a terrible motorcycle accident happened on the Beartooth Pass. Tyson Henderson and Amy Asay, both visiting from Billings, went off the road on a Harley and were badly injured. Just minutes behind them was Alissa Buckstead, Manager at Bone Daddy’s Custom Cycle and Assistant Director at Cedarwood Villa, along with her family and a few friends. “As soon as we saw the bike in pieces and the two bodies in the ditch, she killed that bike in fourth gear!” said a friend of Alissa’s. With her nursing training, she felt she had no choice to stop and help.

Alissa says she instantly went into nurse mode, assessing the situation and what needed to be done. Two older men had already put Amy, who was more seriously injured than Tyson, on a sleeping bag and were working to keep her still. One of those men lost his son six years prior, to the day. Tyson was coherent, yet obviously hurt, and Amy was bleeding badly from her head, along with numerous other injuries. While friends rushed to help divert traffic, others helped in any way possible. Don Wood supplied Alissa with a medical kit that he carried in his saddle bags. “[Alissa] has the training,” said Don, “I just supplied her with the tools.” Another biker had clean rags, and yet another had clean ice and water. A woman from Cooke City heard about the accident and drove down with an additional first aid kit and clean towels.

“It was really amazing how everyone banded together,” said Allisa. “Not one single motorcycle drove by without stopping until emergency services arrived. Everyone helped out somehow.” Also just minutes behind was a trained trauma and flight nurse, riding with the Boozefighters MC. She remembered helping with another accident two years before in that exact spot. Between the two of them, they stabilized and cared for both Amy and Tyson until emergency services got there. They are both doing well and in recovery. Doctors later said that without Alissa’s immediate care, Amy would probably not have survived.

On Sunday, during the Iron Horse Rodeo, another hero emerged. 50/50 raffle tickets were sold during the rodeo, with half of the money being donated to help with Tyson and Amy’s medical bills. The raffle raised $2,050, leaving a pot of $1,025 for the winner. The owner of the winning ticket was four-year-old Corbin Barent, who chose (all on his own!) to donate his winnings to Tyson and Amy. Tyson’s family is planning a special gift for Corbin, for being such a caring and outstanding young man.

Cheers to everyone who stopped to help! No matter how big or small your part, you played an important one. Thank you to everyone who bought a 50/50 ticket at the Iron Horse Rodeo to help out these great people. And thank you to Corbin Barent for having the biggest heart you could possibly fit into a little body!

At this time, Tyson has been released from the hospital and is awaiting a reconstructive surgery on his hand. Amy is still in the hospital, in and out of surgeries, but is stable and expected to make a full recovery. Both of them are in high spirits and are counting their blessings and so thankful for everything that went right for them.

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