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To Scarf or Not to Scarf?

Sass and Class headerby Amber Enos

Oh ladies, you have surely noticed the trend of scarves this winter, and have probably been a little overwhelmed at all of the options. To be quiet honest, the first sight of a scarf can really be intimidating. Do you tie it? Loop it? Drape it? Ahhh!!!!! Well never you fear, Miss Amber is here! We are going to navigate the pandora’s box of scarfs and do it with ease — and great lipstick! The scarf is really just like the icing on a cupcake. It is meant to add a little class (or sass) to your look and pull the whole ensemble together. So, our first step is to decide which scarf you are up for.

Are you a no nonsense kind of gal who doesn’t have time for fancy knot tying? Do you avoid certain accessories, only because they bring you to tears just trying to figure them out? Have you stuck with the scrunchie just because you get overwhelmed in the hair aisle? Then the infinity scarf is just right for you! It is perfect. You throw it over your head, loop it, and over the head again and you are all set. The infinity scarves come in a plethora of colors, knits, and they even have some with fringe. Not to mention you get to sport the look of being all put together with as little effort as possible. Win/win!

Then there is the standard scarf. They can be in either a great knit, a simple cotton, or a silk.  These are great, and once you move past the simple go-to “drape it around your neck” look, you are sure to find it inching its way into your daily style. Now, due to the fact that most women are not to keen on having to play “Cat’s in the Cradle” every morning, they often want to simply toss that scarf on. this leads to your scarf eventually ending up under the desk, or left in the car.

“But, Miss Amber! How the heck do I wear this?” Let’s break this trend and make a deal. I will offer you two fabulous ways to tie your scarf, and you will never end up discarding it midway through the day again. These are as simple as it gets, but pack a total punch of flare and class!


  1. Fold your scarf in half and place it around your neck (with the loop on one side).
  2. Pull one of the ends through the loop.
  3. Twist the loop.
  4. Pull the other end of the scarf through the loop.
  5. Adjust the scarf for fit, so that it lays flat on your chest.

“Girly Windsor”

  1. Center your scarf on the back of your neck so the ends hang down.
  2. Make a knot on each side: one loose, and one tight.
  3. Slip the side with the tight knot through the loose knot.
  4. Line up the knots to create one large looking knot. Bam!

These are two really great looking ways to tie and wear your scarves and they are beyond easy to do! So the next time you are looking for a simple yet stylish splash of color, or just a lil something’ something’ to add to your get up,  grab that scarf and wear it with confidence!

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