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Cody Quarterline part XI: Cody takes R&R along with reflections

The Cody Quarterline story began in April of 2005, as a spoof article. Since then, it’s been passed around from one volunteer tale-spinner to another. Each new author has freedom to do whatever he/she likes with Cody, and the tale has taken some strange twists over the years. We still don’t know what’s going on! We do know, however, that we’ve got some creative people in town with time on their hands and maybe a few too many Mickey Spillane movies under their belts.

Part XI
by Mac

[In the previous installment of this multi-author serial, our hero rented a puce Ford Pinto and returned to his hometown.]

Ahhhhh… the Pinto parked and settled into a much-needed rest. Cody fell into a deep sleep as his mind went over the recent events. Though it’s not always good to sleep on an empty stomach. Cody had gone to his favorite sandwich shop only to find it closed and all of the contents auctioned off. Damn! They made good sandwiches.

The Leopard was still out there, and Cody was not sure where he stood with Cheyenne. Max was the only one he could trust; he had given him a number to call. Sleep first and then he would look for the answers.

Having awakened to the sound of the wind and looked out, he saw at least 3 feet of fresh snow. “Looks like it will be a day of couch potatoing and calling Mr. Buffet,” Cody thought. He had to be careful. Even though this was a good town to hide out in, you can never be too trusting. First things first: coffee. Must have coffee.

Looking out the window, Cody started putting together all that had come to pass. The key was in the contents of the linen-wrapped package, the LWP. “I will have to go back to Miami to get it,” Cody decided.

He dialed the number given to him by Max. A gentleman answered the phone: “Can I help you sir?” Cody was not sure how to respond, so in the usual manner he replied, “Yeah, Max sent me.” There was a pause, and then a voice came onto the line. “Cody, go to the Found Saloon. You will find a package behind the Dart machine; this will have what you need.” The line went dead.

Cody sat there and pondered the message “it will have what you need.” Heck, he didn’t know what he needed.

Cody called Max and told him of the short and direct conversation. Max said, “Follow the instructions in the package and then contact me.” Cody knew he would need help now, but where was Cheyenne? He needed to get this sorted out before he went to retrieve the package. She had to be in trouble and this could help her, too. He called Max back again and asked him how to find Cheyenne. Max replied, “She will find you” and hung up the phone. Cody sat back on the couch very confused, trying to sort this all out in his head. Then came a knock at the door. No one but Max knew he was here. He went to the door and there was Cheyenne!

Cheyenne sat on the couch with Cody and told him that Max had contacted her and instructed her to help him. He’d told her that Cody would have the instructions and that it would involve the LWP, of which she was the key. Neither of them understood any of this, Cody wondered if they where just pawns being used to perform tasks for a sinister group of conspirators.

Some of it was making sense. For instance, the funeral for his friend Max had got him out and on the run again. Now people of great power were using him. Was Max really his friend or also being controlled? Now there were more questions than answers.

And the Leopard, where did he fit into all of this, or was he also being used as a pawn? Cody knew all too well the misuse of power; a local judge had once used her power against him unjustly. She was just a small fish in this sea, so he knew he had to be very careful. Cheyenne gave Cody a hug to help comfort him. They would rest and get ready to go for the package; nighttime on Friday would be best. Dance over to the dart machine and quietly pick it up. They would then be off to Receivables and off to find the answers.

[What the heck color is puce??? Where will this next adventure take Cody & Cheyenne? The LWP holds the answer to many of these questions so check back next month for a chance in hell you will get the answers or just be taken deeper into this dark underworld.]

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