Red Lodge, Montana

The Widowmaker Story

[Lindsey is the Director of Good Times for Red Lodge Ales]

Widowmaker labelIn 2009, Red Lodge Mountain Resort asked Red Lodge Ales to brew a beer to celebrate the resort’s 50th anniversary. The name “Widowmaker” was chosen to honor the expert tree run located in the drainage area of Red Lodge Mountain. Plus, we think Widowmaker is a pretty badass name for a beer.

The beer itself is a golden bock lager. It ferments at cooler temperatures and undergoes a longer aging, or “lagering,” period to mellow the finish. Biscuit flavors from German Pilsner malt predominate. The 6.75% alcohol content lends alcoholic warmth to the smooth lager finish.

Ironically, Red Lodge Mountain Resort chose not to put Widowmaker Lager on tap this season. However, it remains one of Red Lodge Ales’ most popular seasonal offerings. It is available on draft at the brewery Tap Room, and at taverns and restaurants that carry Red Lodge seasonal beers. It is also available in 22 ounce bottles at off-premises retailers throughout Red Lodge, Billings, Cody, and Bozeman. It was released at the end of November and will likely be available into early January.

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