Red Lodge, Montana

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What’s happening in and around Red Lodge? It may be news, or it may be just for fun. Either way, find it here!

bike rack 3

Downtown bike racks

Beartooth Recreational Trails Association (BRTA) has a project to place bike racks downtown. Some of these will be on the Broadway sidewalks and some will be placed on adjacent side streets. We have one placed at Wells Fargo Bank, and will be asking interested merchants if they would like one in front of their business…. Read More ›

Gardening for Life cover

“Gardening for Life” presentation set for May 17

Wayne and Connie Burleson of Absarokee have been working for years on gardening techniques based on homemade soil-based composts. They’ve developed techniques that allow planting on top of existing vegetation with no tilling required. They’ve recently traveled to a series of third-world countries teaching people how to grow healthy food using self-regenerating soils, even in… Read More ›

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Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits

Many times you will see a very attractive woman and yet she is sporting the same ensemble that your high-schooler went to school in that very morning! This is not the fashion statement that you want to make. I am all about dressing stylish, classy, and even a little sassy, but there is a hard… Read More ›

Karen Saint & Noelle Hollis

It’s all about the beaver!

by April Dawn “It’s All About the Beaver!” is one of those phrases that can be taken many different ways, especially when Karen Saint uses it. In addition to her original brand, the Montana Beaver Company, she is now launching an off-shoot, the Lucky Beaver Brand, where that play on words and innuendo will be… Read More ›


Best of Red Lodge 2014 Ballots

If you don’t have a print copy of the Local Rag, fear not! You can still vote in Best of Red Lodge. Just download this ballot, print it, fill it out, and either drop it off at Red Lodge Books & Tea or mail it to: The Local Rag P.O. Box 1630 Red Lodge, MT… Read More ›

Busty girl blues

Busty Girl Blues

This has been really a very serious issue for my shoppers, and it is through them that I have learned the basics for looking like a full figured gal rather than a girl in a muumuu. Often, if you are one of the Busty Betties, you find that if a shirt fits you in the… Read More ›


Sass & Class: Layering without that homeless look

There is much to be said for layers, and with the weather we have been having they are a necessity! But don’t get me wrong. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to layer. You don’t want to be walking around looking as though you have just survived the apocalypse and are… Read More ›

Warm House Header

Keeping Your Old House Warm

We don’t need to remind you that it’s cold. Unless you’ve been hiding out in Florida for the last two months (in which case, take us with you!), you’ve definitely noticed. The average low temperature for Red Lodge is 13 in December, 14 in January, and 15 in February. As we’ve already seen, this winter… Read More ›

Travis Burdick

And the Red Lodge Citizen of the Year is… Travis Burdick!

At tonight’s Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, the winners of the Citizen of the Year and Businessperson of the Year were announced (we’ll be posting another article shortly about the Businessperson of the Year). The Citizen of the Year award goes to someone who involves themselves in the community in different ways,… Read More ›

Ernie Strum

Why nominate for Citizen of the Year?

Is there someone in this town that has changed your life? Someone who has worked hard for our community and the people who live here? Someone who has worked harder for others than for themselves? You can show that person just how important he or she is by submitting their name for the Red Lodge… Read More ›