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Christmas Family Photography

December 1, 2014

Sometimes the photographs taken on Christmas morning of the children opening presents become more valuable than the presents we give the children. As with many photographs, we sometimes only see their value when time has passed and we look back on those fleeting moments, looking to relive them again. Christmas photographs should be left to… Read More ›


High School Senior Portraits

It’s that time of year when the kids are going back to school, and the seniors in high school find out that they have to think about getting their senior pictures done. Most will feel that graduation is a long way away and there will be plenty of time. Soon enough, though, they will notice… Read More ›

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Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Let’s make one thing clear nice and early: there have been Marvel movies I’ve really liked (Iron Man, Captain America 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, etc.), and Marvel movies I’ve been kinda “eh” on (Iron Man 3, Thor 1 & 2, etc.), but none that I’ve really outright disliked. Not from Marvel’s studios, anyway… Read More ›

Rodman Banner 2014-08

Be the change you want to see

Photography changes us. We are becoming less interested in words and more interested in images. Photography has changed the culture too. Dorothea Lange documented the plight of the migrant farm worker in the years after the great depression, and soon after Ansel Adams began documenting the beauty of Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada… Read More ›

Gene Rodman photo of the month: bird & fencepost

Choosing Lenses

The most requested information about photography, after someone is ready to proceed in getting a little more serious about their images, is lens selection. I remember wondering the same thing when I started having a little money burning a hole in my pocket. Camera lenses do only two things: control the amount of light entering… Read More ›

Captain America 2-The Winter Soldier poster

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’ve said it here before; I’m a Marvel fanboy. I love superheroes. I always have. I’ve loved nearly all of the Marvel flicks so far (except maybe Thor and Iron Man 3), but in particular I absolutely adored Captain America: The First Avenger. Of all the pre-Avengers movies, the thought of a Captain America flick… Read More ›

Red Lodge Chamber Players

Red Lodge FRINGE Presents Two Outstanding Concerts in March

The Red Lodge FRINGE Festival has begun the year 2014 with two well received concerts: one by the world-famous Muir String Quartet, and one by Red Lodge’s own brilliant young soprano, Lynell Kruckeberg. At the Muir Quartet concert on January 17 in Billings, we had a near capacity audience in Cisel Hall, at Montana State… Read More ›

Student Art

County Student Artwork Showcased at the Arts Guild

It’s time again for the annual Carbon County Student Art Exhibit! This March, the art of Carbon County students will be on display in the Guild’s Main and North Galleries for all to enjoy. As a special treat, the students of Fishtail and Nye schools in Stillwater County will also be part of the show…. Read More ›

Rodman-Smooth Water

He’s so fast! I wish I could stop him

The world is always moving, and much too fast for me, thank you. I became interested in photography because it captured a moment, a special one, any one I decided. Just one moment that can easily be missed. I don’t need to be entertained anymore. I enjoy silence, simplicity and these individual precious moments. Making… Read More ›

LEGO Movie Poster

The Lego Movie

I’m not one for kids’ movies. Very few “family” movies, usually animated, have stuck with me. Unlike most people around me, I find myself unable to quote the vast majority of classic Disney movies, and might be able to tell you the plot of half of them. Maybe. I still haven’t seen Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph,… Read More ›