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First Friday Artwalk Header

First Friday Artwalk Gathering Steam

Red Lodge has done art walks of some variety for years, usually focused around the warm summer weather. Recently, though, the Red Lodge Clay Center has been pushing the cold winter months. Their artist receptions at the beginning of each month expanded into an artist event in several stores at the south end of downtown… Read More ›

Photo contest Jayda and Ivy

Photo Contest Winners – February 2014

We are pleased to announce the winners from last month’s photo contest, which had “pets” as its theme. First place goes to Tina Williamson and Jonathan Matthews for their photos of Pakkun and his cat, Munchkin (52 likes on our Facebook page), and Little Bastard the bearded dragon (38 likes on Facebook). They have won… Read More ›

Rodman snow photo Feb2014

It’s not very bright … but I can fix that!

What do you do when your camera doesn’t take the kind of pictures you want it to take? Some are too bright and some are too dark. Cameras are pretty smart but they don’t know every one of the situations you will be taking pictures. It helps if you can spend a little time and… Read More ›


A dissertation on rural social media, or the longest rambling excuse for not writing an article we’ve ever seen

[Note from the Editor: I asked Emory Robinson to write me an article about how social media has made it so much easier for people with similar interests to connect. Red Lodge has groups for the skate park, hockey, Red Lodge Mountain, hiking, fishing, classifieds, you name it! Here is what I received in return.]… Read More ›

Thor: The Dark World movie poster

Thor: The Dark World

I am, undeniably, a Marvel fanboy. I grew up on the X-Men, Spiderman, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, the list goes on. Thor was never my favorite. “Why throw a Norse god into the fray with superheroes?” I would ask. “Why not stick with Captain America or The Hulk? Focus on the cool, mortal heroes,… Read More ›

Slightly Out of Focus Dec 2013

Cell Phone Photography

In the last few years photography has really became more available to everyone with not only cheaper digital cameras but cell phones and iPhones.  There is a whole movement of folks with iPhones creating very interesting images.  There are tons of apps you can use to add a little flair to your photos before posting them… Read More ›

2013 Christmas Stroll Poster

2013 Christmas Stroll poster winner announced

The Christmas Stroll Committee is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2013 Christmas Stroll poster contest is Elizabeth LaRowe. Elizabeth has concentrated her personal artistic efforts in water media techniques for the past 40 years. Originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area, Elizabeth retired after a 39 year career as an art educator. Her… Read More ›

McCoy-crazy horse shirt 680

Tom McCoy, A True Renaissance Man

Many people may have heard that the Carbon County Arts Guild had been working on the restoration of the old caboose behind the Depot Gallery. Tom McCoy is the artist who completed the entire restoration project, including returning the walls and woodwork to pristine condition and embellishing them with his trademark artistic style. He is… Read More ›

My Favorite Music of the Christmas Season

Nothing to me evokes the holidays like Christmas music. My family can tell you, I start listening to Christmas music way too early for their taste. I used to sing in a large choir, and we started practicing for our “Singing Christmas Tree” in early September. I still remember listening to my practice tape in… Read More ›