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Rush’s Mexican Wedding Beer: Oktobre Fiesta

August 1, 2014

by Rush Nicholson, brewer, Red Lodge Ales Something different is brewing down at Red Lodge Ales. I have been a brewer there for a little over five years. When I became engaged this past December to Liarae Martinez – who coincidentally works at the brewery as well – I conjured up the concept of creating… Read More ›

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Tips: Where does your tip money go?

Here in Red Lodge we love our restaurants! Most of us have worked in them from time to time, some of us still do, and a few of us own them. All of our restaurants are proudly locally owned and operated, and we can rest easy knowing that any money we spend in them will… Read More ›

Tyler and Dianna

RLTV Eating Contest at Mas Taco

After an intense thirteen minutes and thirty seconds, Tyler Sultenfuss was crowned winner of the Mas Taco eating contest. He put away the monstrous chimi/burrito/relleno which weighed in at two pounds, five ounces. It was a chile relleno stuffed inside an empanada, fried crispy, stuffed inside a double burrito with carne asada, rajas, beans, rice,… Read More ›

Widowmaker label

The Widowmaker Story

[Lindsey is the Director of Good Times for Red Lodge Ales] In 2009, Red Lodge Mountain Resort asked Red Lodge Ales to brew a beer to celebrate the resort’s 50th anniversary. The name “Widowmaker” was chosen to honor the expert tree run located in the drainage area of Red Lodge Mountain. Plus, we think Widowmaker… Read More ›



Glögg is a traditional Swedish spiked, hot wine, which is steeped with nuts, raisins, and fabulous wintertime spices. As children, we always gathered in the kitchen to watch the grown-ups make a large pot during our holiday get-togethers. This is the recipe from my great grandparents, who were both born and married in Sweden. Ingredients… Read More ›


The Beer Snob Explores Mead

Most people think of beer as fermented barley and wine as fermented grapes. Often, this is true, but in reality the definitions go farther than that. Neither one, however, goes quite far enough to include a wondrous beverage from ages past that’s making a comeback in America: mead. Beer is any beverage made from malted… Read More ›

Anchor Old Foghorn

Re-Defining Beer in Montana

Our state government is changing the meaning of the word “beer,” and I support them. A surprising thing, as I’m generally not a big fan of government legislation affecting the way I drink, but in this case, they’re actually toning down the law and providing us with more personal freedom. House Bill 400 (cleverly titled… Read More ›