Red Lodge, Montana

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Lenticular clouds

Altocumulus lenticularis – Cool clouds on the Beartooth front

If you live along the front of the Beartooth mountain range, you’ve probably seen “Altocumulus lenticularis,” also known as lenticular clouds. The word “lenticular” means “lens-shaped,” and it’s an apt description. They may look like UFOs, stacks of pancakes, pulleys (can’t you car people just imagine looping a gigantic fan belt over the clouds in… Read More ›

Red Lodge Ice header

Red Lodge Ice

Five or six years ago, Kris Thomas and Garrett Matt went to the City of Red Lodge with a proposal to build an ice skating rink. Their plan involved laying the rink on a previously existing rink in Lions Park, at a cost of approximately $10,000. The City of Red Lodge, together with Carbon County… Read More ›


Glacial Change in the Beartooths

By Dan Seifert, Assistant Forest Geologist, Custer National Forest Glaciers erode landscapes ten to twenty times faster than liquid water and are one of many ever-changing geologic features in the Beartooth Mountains. Glaciers are large flowing masses of ice formed by the compaction and recrystallization of snow. Glaciers survive from year to year and creep… Read More ›


The Joy of Wet Sheep

Once upon a time—and yes, this is true even though it begins with the words, “once upon a time,”—we lived in a warmer place. A place warm enough, in fact, to have a swimming pool. It was a nice swimming pool. An honest-to-goodness in-ground swimming pool with a deep end, a shallow end, and steps…. Read More ›