Red Lodge, Montana

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We don’t print the whole police blotter because, frankly, it gets kind of boring. We do, however, pull out interesting calls and look for your feedback.

mad cow kangaroo cartoon

911: Cows!

December 11, 2013

I do love living in Carbon County, Montana. I was just perusing the 911 blotter and noticed what appears to be a pattern. Anyone else see something these calls all have in common? Saturday 11/23/2013 Edgar/Fromberg road: Caller reports his sister and brother-in-law stole a cow from someone in another county. Deputy spoke to caller…. Read More ›

911 Turkey Blotter

911: Wild Turkeys

This story on the police blotter amused us (we’re pretty easily amused at the Local Rag) but then it got us thinking. That gang of turkeys that lives around Finn Park in Red Lodge is a real fixture of the town. We’ve all had to stop and wait for them to cross the street. We’ve… Read More ›