Red Lodge, Montana

911: Cows!

I do love living in Carbon County, Montana. I was just perusing the 911 blotter and noticed what appears to be a pattern. Anyone else see something these calls all have in common?

mad cow kangaroo cartoon

This cartoon is from the August 2009 Local Rag, back when mad cow disease was relevant. Well, at least it was more relevant than it is today.

Saturday 11/23/2013

Edgar/Fromberg road: Caller reports his sister and brother-in-law stole a cow from someone in another county. Deputy spoke to caller.

Sunday 11/24

4:23 a.m., Hwy 212 in Boyd: Caller hit a cow. Dispatcher called Highway Patrol and owner.

4:39 a.m.: Another driver hit the same cow.

4:02 p.m., Hwy 310: Black calf out on the right of way. Owner notified. Highway Patrol officer reports unable to get the calf back in. Owner will respond.

Monday 11/25

7:30 a.m.: Hwy 310/212: One black cow out.  Dispatch called some possible owners. They will go out and check.

10:55 a.m., Hwy 421/212: Big black cow out on highway.

Tuesday 11/26

5:22 p.m., Hwy 310: Two black cows out. Owner notified and will go out.

Thursday 11/28

9:43 p.m., Mathis Rd: Neighbor’s bull, cow, and calves are out. Owner will take care of it.

Friday 11/29

7:48 p.m., Hwy 212 S of Roberts: Black cows on road. Owner responded and got them in.

Saturday 11/30

9:21 p.m., S of Roberts: Some black cows out on highway. Owner notified and got them back in.

Sunday 12/01

7:33 p.m., Joliet: A black cow crossed the highway in front of caller. Owner notified.

This is why I don’t have cattle anymore. Well, it’s only one of the reasons. But there are a lot of things in life more fun than chasing cows in sub-zero weather…

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