Red Lodge, Montana

Red Lodge Hockey: The season winds down

by Josh Hauboldt

Unfortunately the hockey season is coming to an end. Every year on Presidents’ Day weekend, we play our first tournament in Bozeman. Bozeman Area Hockey Association puts the BAHA Winter Classic Tourney, together with teams traveling from Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. It is also the weekend of Bozeman’s Winter Carnival at the fairgrounds. I can’t say that we have always done real well (Our best finish was 8th out of 16 teams.), but there is no doubt that we always win the party, and other teams show jealousy of our awesomeness. We are at a disadvantage, due to the fact that we really never play together as a team, like the city leagues do on a regular basis. Somehow we manage to put together and represent Team Red Lodge every year.

There is just a month left of indoor ice at Riley Arena in Cody, WY and Centennial Ice Rink in Billings. There are 3 tournaments left this season: March 22nd, Renegades Cup in Billings; March 29th in Cody; April 5th, Thunder Cup in Billings. If you’re in the area on these weekends check us out in action! We would appreciate a hockey appropriate, obnoxious cheering section. Beer drinking and shenanigans go hand in hand with hockey, and at the Thunder Cup there is a shootout for a case of beer between periods! Sometimes it is an advantage to loose. Seriously, who sits and looks at an unopened case of beer on the bench when you are sweating out the night before and dehydrated?

At most of our tournaments we bring our own version of The Stanley Cup. We take pictures with it and pass it around in the locker room drinking the finest of Milwaukee champagne from it. Maybe one day we will have a Red Lodge Winter Classic, and host the only outdoor tournament in Big Sky country!

Red Lodge Hockey would like to thank the following: our unofficial sponsors Pabst Blue Ribbon, BandAid, Fireball, and Febreze; everyone that used the rink this year at Lions Park; and everyone who volunteered clearing, shoveling, snowblowing, and resurfacing. See you next year hockey fans!

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