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Sass and Class

Fashion Protocol for the Season’s Festivities

Tis the Season to celebrate and if you are like many of us there seems to be more and more parties to go to every year! So what does a girl do? I mean there is always that “One Party” that we all lament over going to. You know the one where no matter what… Read More ›

Sass and Class

Denim: The new crisp white shirt

Ladies, there is a trend that has literally made my heart all a-flutter! It’s the great denim snap-front shirt! Allow me just a moment to tell you how timeless a great denim shirt can be. They can be worn snapped up the front with a great pair of jeans, boots, and jewelry. They can be… Read More ›

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To Scarf or Not to Scarf?

by Amber Enos Oh ladies, you have surely noticed the trend of scarves this winter, and have probably been a little overwhelmed at all of the options. To be quiet honest, the first sight of a scarf can really be intimidating. Do you tie it? Loop it? Drape it? Ahhh!!!!! Well never you fear, Miss… Read More ›