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Red Lodge: A Community of Heroes

During the poker run on Saturday, July 19, a terrible motorcycle accident happened on the Beartooth Pass. Tyson Henderson and Amy Asay, both visiting from Billings, went off the road on a Harley and were badly injured. Just minutes behind them was Alissa Buckstead, Manager at Bone Daddy’s Custom Cycle and Assistant Director at Cedarwood… Read More ›

Giant Flag at Iron Horse Rodeo

Double amputee veteran parachutes flag into Iron Horse Rodeo

The 2014 Beartooth Rally closed today with the Iron Horse Rodeo. The festivities began with grand style and deep meaning, as Sergeant 1st Class Dana Bowman (retired) parachuted into the rodeo grounds carrying a giant American flag. The parachute jump was to honor all of the veterans present at the event, and especially those who… Read More ›

Steven Hibler

Steven Hibler chosen as Red Lodge Chief of Police

Mayor Ed Williams has selected a new Police Chief for Red Lodge: Steven Hibler of Camby, Indiana. His selection is the culmination of a months-long search that drew over 60 applicants from all over the country. Steve chose his career early in life. He took a post in the Indiana Army National Guard and joined… Read More ›

Resort Tax

New Red Lodge Resort Tax Rules Explained

At last night’s City Council meeting, the new resort tax ordinance #901 passed with little fanfare. The gist of the regulations remain the same: The tax rate is 3%, it applies to transactions within the City limits, and it is intended to apply to luxury items, not necessities of life. If you wish to read… Read More ›

Lou and Isis

History of the Local Rag, part I: Lou and the “Local News”

In September of last year, my wife Kathy and I purchased a 16-year-old newspaper called the Local Rag. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it makes one stop and think: how did my predecessors do this? Where did the Local Rag really come from and how does it work? To answer these questions for our readers,… Read More ›