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My thoughts on selecting our new Police Chief

Normally, I leave editorials to the editor, but I want to make it clear that this article is my personal opinion, and the word “publishertorial” sounds really stupid. I have been intimately involved in the search for a new Police Chief in Red Lodge since former Chief Richard Pringle retired (see his interview in the… Read More ›

Retired Police Chief Richard Pringle

A Chat with the (former) Chief

Friday, February 28 was Red Lodge Police Chief Richard Pringle’s last day on the job, as he retired after over 13 years with RLPD. We sat down with him the next day to do a lightweight Local Rag-style interview, and ended up drifting into a discussion on the state of modern small-town policing. When Pringle… Read More ›

Police Chief Search 2014

Police Chief Search 2014

The search for a new Red Lodge Police Chief has stepped up. With Chief Pringle retiring in just over a week, Red Lodge Mayor Ed Williams has hired Bob Carden of Prothman — an executive search firm specializing in city employees — to find a new chief. Carden, a former police chief himself, has met… Read More ›

Tea with the Mayor

Tea with the Mayor, Tuesday Feb 4

The first Tuesday of each month is “Tea with the Mayor” at Red Lodge Books & Tea. Local residents and business owners can stop by between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. and discuss whatever concerns them with Mayor Ed Williams. The majority of this month’s meeting was spent discussing upcoming highway construction along highways 212 and… Read More ›