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Steven Hibler

Steven Hibler chosen as Red Lodge Chief of Police

Mayor Ed Williams has selected a new Police Chief for Red Lodge: Steven Hibler of Camby, Indiana. His selection is the culmination of a months-long search that drew over 60 applicants from all over the country. Steve chose his career early in life. He took a post in the Indiana Army National Guard and joined… Read More ›

Travis Burdick

And the Red Lodge Citizen of the Year is… Travis Burdick!

At tonight’s Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, the winners of the Citizen of the Year and Businessperson of the Year were announced (we’ll be posting another article shortly about the Businessperson of the Year). The Citizen of the Year award goes to someone who involves themselves in the community in different ways,… Read More ›

Kids and Christmas

Children always seem to have a fresh, honest outlook on life. They also have no filters between their brains and their mouths. We decided to see what they are thinking about Christmas, so we asked three different questions of various grade levels at Mountain View Elementary in Red Lodge. What is the best present you’ve… Read More ›

Resort Tax

New Red Lodge Resort Tax Rules Explained

At last night’s City Council meeting, the new resort tax ordinance #901 passed with little fanfare. The gist of the regulations remain the same: The tax rate is 3%, it applies to transactions within the City limits, and it is intended to apply to luxury items, not necessities of life. If you wish to read… Read More ›

Snow clearing

Snow removal: Red Lodge rules and regulations

Life is much easier when everybody plays by the same set of rules. Unfortunately, there are times when the rules change out from under us and we don’t notice. Ideally, everybody would be following the City Council meetings and keeping close notes on decisions by the County Commissioners, but few of us actually do so…. Read More ›

Resort Tax

Red Lodge Resort Tax Review, Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1 two weeks ago, the City of Red Lodge is currently reviewing the resort tax ordinance and making changes to it. When a proposed new version of the ordinance was released, a lot of merchants — and taxpayers — were pretty upset about it. I wrote a letter to the… Read More ›

2014 Festival of Nations logo

Festival of Nations annual meeting 2013

Today, the Red Lodge Festival of Nations held both their public annual meeting and their monthly board meeting. Items on the agendas included: The Festival’s annual scholarship was renamed the Festival of Nations Bob Moran Memorial Scholarship, in honor of founding member Bob Moran, who was involved in the Festival for over 50 years. John… Read More ›

Resort Tax

Red Lodge Resort Tax Review, Part 1

As all Red Lodge residents (and most visitors) know, we have a 3% “resort tax” in this city. Basically, it’s a sales tax in a state without sales taxes. A handful of other communities around the state have resort taxes, including West Yellowstone and Big Sky. Please see the updates in Part 2 of this… Read More ›

2013 Christmas Stroll Poster

2013 Christmas Stroll poster winner announced

The Christmas Stroll Committee is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2013 Christmas Stroll poster contest is Elizabeth LaRowe. Elizabeth has concentrated her personal artistic efforts in water media techniques for the past 40 years. Originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area, Elizabeth retired after a 39 year career as an art educator. Her… Read More ›


Glacial Change in the Beartooths

By Dan Seifert, Assistant Forest Geologist, Custer National Forest Glaciers erode landscapes ten to twenty times faster than liquid water and are one of many ever-changing geologic features in the Beartooth Mountains. Glaciers are large flowing masses of ice formed by the compaction and recrystallization of snow. Glaciers survive from year to year and creep… Read More ›