Red Lodge, Montana

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Coffee with the Mayor header

Coffee with the Mayor, Thursday Feb 20

by Emory Robinson On Thursday the Local Rag attended “Coffee with the Mayor” at Honey’s Café, which is a recurring social meeting with our new Mayor, Ed Williams, every third Thursday of the month from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. These meetings involve open discussion regarding the current affairs of our town. These involve any… Read More ›

Snow clearing

Snow removal: Red Lodge rules and regulations

Life is much easier when everybody plays by the same set of rules. Unfortunately, there are times when the rules change out from under us and we don’t notice. Ideally, everybody would be following the City Council meetings and keeping close notes on decisions by the County Commissioners, but few of us actually do so…. Read More ›

Baba Ram Baba, the Beartooth Guru

Introducing Baba Ram Baba

Greetings, my children. It has been a long and arduous (albeit peaceful and enlightening) journey that has brought me to the Beartooth Mountains in the middle of winter. I came because I felt a disturbance in the force–something I have not felt in eight years drawing me to my home. Something is changing here. A… Read More ›