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Retired Police Chief Richard Pringle

A Chat with the (former) Chief

Friday, February 28 was Red Lodge Police Chief Richard Pringle’s last day on the job, as he retired after over 13 years with RLPD. We sat down with him the next day to do a lightweight Local Rag-style interview, and ended up drifting into a discussion on the state of modern small-town policing. When Pringle… Read More ›

Tea with the Mayor, Tuesday March 4

How will construction on the 212 project affect our lives this summer? Are there any solutions in the works to battle trash during upcoming festivals? How responsible am I for clearing snow in front of my business on Broadway? Where can I speak my piece? WHAT ABOUT ALL THE TURKEYS!?!? These were all very interesting… Read More ›

911 Turkey Blotter

911: Wild Turkeys

This story on the police blotter amused us (we’re pretty easily amused at the Local Rag) but then it got us thinking. That gang of turkeys that lives around Finn Park in Red Lodge is a real fixture of the town. We’ve all had to stop and wait for them to cross the street. We’ve… Read More ›